Baked butternut squash

Baked butternut squash

Baked Butternut Squash is an exceptionally healthier and easy vegetable s >Roasted to perfection, this flavorful squash is delightful! I’m not even a enormous fan of butternut squash, but for some purpose I couldn’t get enough!


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I can’t even commence to inform you how much I loved this Baked Butternut Squash. It was ravioli producing day and I desired to make some of my homemade Butternut Squash Ravioli with Brown Butter Sage Sauce. I never ever actually regarded butternut squash a particularly favorite vegetable of mine. For no matter what reason, as soon as I took this crispy-on-the-outside, buttery-smooth-and-creamy-on-the-within butternut squash out of the oven, I couldn’t end eating it.

Now, it’s been in excess of a week because I made this oven roasted butternut squash, and I can’t kick this craving. I’m going back to the retailer these days to bake one more 1 and I don’t program on sharing it with the family!

How do you prepare and cook butternut squash?

  • Initial, you need to have to peel the squash. If you’ve by no means peeled a winter squash and are asking yourself how to peel butternut squash, it couldn’t be less difficult. Just a typical vegetable peeler will do the trick, and a high high quality vegetable peeler can make it even simpler.
  • Up coming you’ll want to slice your squash in half lengthwise. I do this by inserting a massive knife just beneath the stem and rocking back and forth to lower around the squash. Then I consider the two halves that are nevertheless linked by the stem and pull them apart. If your squash is specifically large, I recommend cutting the squash in half separarting the skinny component from the wide component and then you can cut these pieces in half lengthwise.
  • Get rid of the seeds and the pulp. This is no distinct than when you carve a pumpkin. My chickens and goats are particularly fond of the seeds and pulp as properly as the skin, so nothing at all goes to waste in my home!
  • Set every single piece flat side down and then cut into cubes. Be certain to make the cubes shut in size. I favor my pieces to be no greater than a single inch long on any side. More surface location implies far more caramelization of the outdoors.
  • Toss the squash in olive oil with salt and pepper, location on a single layer on a parchment lined baking sheet, and bake to perfection!

How extended do you bake butternut squash cubes?

You can bake butternut squash at any temperature, but various temperatures will give you different outcomes. I discover that 400 degrees F is perfect.

Significantly less than 400 will demand a lot more time and the squash will get a bit more mushy without having the browning. Increased than 400 will give you nice browning but the inside may not be as creamy. All ovens are different and it’s not an precise science, but that’s how I make baked butternut squash.

Here’s the secret: cook it longer than you think you must. I’ve always taken baked butternut squash out of the oven as quickly as it was soft. Keep it in there. Allow the moisture carry on to cook out. The consequence will be a flawlessly crisp and chewy outside with a warm soft within. Believe in me on this.

What to do with baked butternut squash:

You can simply serve this recipe as-is. It’s the best side dish to accompany a good principal dish.

You can also retailer your baked butternut squash in an airtight container in the refrigerator and include it to your salads or your breakfast scrambles.

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