Greek chicken

Greek chicken

This simple chicken marinade infuses chicken of any cut with the traditional Greek flavors of lemon, garlic and oregano plus Greek yogurt for a far more tender bite.

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It may possibly be a bold statement to make, but as opposed to fake politicians, sorcerers, and that man in Nigeria who says he’ll double your cash if you’ll just wire it to him, I’m standing behind my declare that this super easy, very delicious Greek Chicken marinade quite properly could be:

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Which would make this little diddy of a recipe the greatest lemony, best garlicky, greatest Greek-y oregano-ish chicken marinade you just may well ever make.

How to Make the Greek Chicken Marinade

This greek marinade is my favourite go-to recipe for anything and everything chicken and it does double duty as a dressing for salads as well.

Marinade the chicken in just half of this marinade and reserve the other half for basting the skewers as they cook, if you so desire.

The chicken is adequately flavored in just 15 minutes, or let it soak in all that Greek taste for up to three hours in a bowl or a re-sealable gallon storage bag. I normally don’t go longer than the 3 hour mark to stay away from the chicken becoming mealy.

Here’s what’s in this Greek marinade:

  • Greek yogurt: This is a new addition to my standard Greek marinade. I additional the yogurt after generating my Easy Chicken Gyros the place the yogurt tenderizes the chicken for a very great, juicy bite.
  • Lemon juice + zest: The acid from the lemon also aids break down the tough fibers of the chicken as it adds a flavorful zip to every single bite. Including the zest of one particular lemon to the marinade amps the flavor up even that significantly more.
  • Garlic: Simply because hello, garlic.
  • Olive oil: Olive oil adds a bit of body fat and assists produce a barrier whilst the chicken is on the grill. Nevertheless, you’ll still want put together your grill with further oil and rotate your skewers so the chicken doesn’t turn into also charred or burn up.
  • Oregano: Simply because dried herbs are stronger in flavor than fresh, I’ve found that dried oregano works ideal for this marinade, and a healthier dose of it is certainly needed.

The Guidelines: How to Cook Chicken Breasts In Marinade

Flavoring and tenderizing chicken in a marinade is a no-brainer, but there are a few tricks to doing it correct.

1. Never, ever, ever reuse marinade used on raw poultry or meat except if you boil it very first. It may possibly sound like a great concept to baste your chicken or meat with the very same marinade, but there’s a trick to maintaining it wholesome if you do. Boil any utilized marinade very first to destroy any harmful bacteria. Or set aside a portion of the marinade to use later on just before placing raw meat and poultry into it.

2. Use acid in your marinade. No matter whether it’s vinegar, wine, or a citrus juice like lemon or lime juice, acid assists break down the connective tissue in meats, incorporating flavor and generating a much more tender bite.

three. Choose a complimentary oil for more taste in your marinade. Based on the flavor profile of your marinade, pick an oil that compliments it and boosts the flavor even far more, like:

  • Olive oil for Greek, Italian, or Mediterranean-fashion dishes
  • Sesame oil for Asian-design dishes
  • Canola or vegetable oil for Mexican or American-style dishes to preserve things neutral

four. You want it tender? Include dairy. The actual secret to tenderizing is any reduce of meat or chicken is including yogurt or buttermilk to the mix. It’s been done for centuries in Indian cooking with tenderizing yogurt and buttermilk in Southern fried chicken. These two dairy elements have a much more mild acid degree than some other raw enzyme acids from pineapple or papaya, generating it best for chicken so it doesn’t get mushy.

5. Marinate your chicken for as small as 15 minutes, three hrs, or overnight. If you go too long, your chicken or meat will turn to mush.

6. Marinate, then cook it how you like it. Cook the chicken to an inner temperature of 160-165°F, and allow to rest for the juices to set. Here’s some basic cooking times to do so, but usually defer to a meat thermometer to be sure:

  • Bake skinless, boneless chicken breasts at 400°F for 18-22 minutes
  • Grill more than medium heat for 15-twenty minutes.
  • Pan fry (based on thickness) over medium heat for 18-22 minutes.

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