Raspberry thumbprint cookies

Raspberry thumbprint cookies

Buttery almond and vanilla shortbread cookies filled with raspberry jam and drizzled with glaze.

Welcome to day #two of Sally’s Cookie Palooza! Make certain you didn’t miss yesterday’s Chocolate Turtle Cookies. Total yum.

Shortbread thumbprint cookies. Buttery, melt-in-your mouth, sugary bites of bliss. I have in no way attempted shortbread ahead of, but as per the normal – I am always up for a challenge.

I’ve made these shortbread thumbprints twice in the past 5 days.

A trial recipe on Saturday, which turned out to be really great but not as buttery (and considerably too sweet) as shortbread should be. Kevin’s parents seemed to adore them though! I manufactured batch #2 on the day we had a gorgeous snowfall.

I don’t know which is more stunning. Today’s cookies or this breathtaking scene.

Shortbread cookies are a traditional Scottish dessert. I’m Scottish. (Any Scottish readers out there?) So, it’s about time I created shortbread from scratch.

Normal shortbread cookies are made up of 1 component sugar, two parts butter, and three elements flour. Some recipes have eggs, some don’t. Some recipes have chemical leavening agents, some don’t.

My shortbread cookie dough is just pure sugar-butter-flour with almond and vanilla extracts. I took my shortbread cookie dough and manufactured thumbprint cookies. However, this shortbread cookie dough can be molded into any shapes! Soon after chilling, roll it out and make your favored shortbread recipes utilizing this dough. It’s fairly simple to operate with and I’m currently dreaming up new shortbread cookie recipes utilizing it.

I have phase-by-stage pictures for you nowadays. Visual guides are constantly useful when I’m producing one thing new, so hopefully you won’t thoughts all the photographs in this submit.

To start, make certain you have adequate time. Shortbread cookie dough usually needs to chill for a quite prolonged time. My cookie dough will need to chill for at least two hours (the longer it chills, the puffier the cookie and a lot more time the flavors have to meld with 1 yet another into the dough). You also require the cookies to amazing for thirty minutes right after baked just before glazing, so strategy accordingly.

Following you mix up the dough, it will be fairly soft and buttery. Shortbread cookies are supposed to be buttery, so if your dough feels extra buttery – you’re on the proper track. Press the dough down to compact it into the bowl and tightly cover with plastic wrap to chill until finally firm. 4 hours, at least! The longer, the better– believe in me.

Once the shortbread cookie dough has chilled and firmed up, preheat your oven to 350F degrees. Please use an oven thermometer to test your oven temperature. My oven runs scorching and I have ruined numerous (A lot of!) cookies because my temperature was inaccurate. A thermometer is extremely low-cost and will be 1 of the most critical tools you have in your kitchen.

Shape the cookie dough into balls. Mine have been about one Tablespoon of dough per ball. Make sure they’re nice and smooth. Then, make an indentation with your thumb into each and every ball.

The dough could crack somewhat when you press your thumb into it. Merely smooth it out with your hands if you can. Otherwise, it’s perfectly fine to have a handful of cracks.

Fill with one/two teaspoon of raspberry jam. You can definitely use any flavor jam you like very best! Strawberry, blueberry, mixed berry, apricot, peach, boysenberry. What ever you like best. Raspberry is my favourite and pairs beautifully with the almond/vanilla flavored dough.

Bake the shortbread thumbprint cookies for 14-15 minutes, or until extremely lightly browned on the edges. The cookies will puff up and spread somewhat. Do not overbake these! In fact, I only baked mine for 13-14 minutes. I desire them a little soft.

Now… the sweet, creamy glaze! A straightforward glaze manufactured from cream and confectioners’ sugar. If you don’t have cream, no worries. Use milk alternatively. Come to feel totally free to include a bit of almond extract to the glaze as effectively. I left it out. Drizzle the glaze onto every single cookie. View as it glistens above the gorgeous red filling and buttery cookies.

You know I’m a sucker for glazed raspberry goodies, appropriate?

They’re buttery, sweet, glazed, fruity, and will completely melt in your mouth – just as shortbread must!

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Raspberry Almond Thumbprint Cookies

Yield: about 26 cookies

Total Time: five hours, 15 minutes (consists of chilling & cooling)

Author: Iain De

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