Texas sheet cake recipe

Texas sheet cake recipe

As I was gearing up to make one of Pioneer Woman’s most common dessert recipes, the very first factor I observed wasn’t the shockingly substantial cake-to-icing ratio or just how huge this cake is (it serves 24!) — it was that she had titled it “The Greatest Chocolate Sheet Cake. Ever.” See that further period? That’s some significant punctuation to emphasize its deliciousness.

If you’ve ever had Texas sheet cake, you’ll find this recipe similar: It’s a thin, flat chocolate cake baked in a sheet pan and topped with a thick, sugary icing and pecans. And if the punctuation hasn’t convinced you, perhaps a celebrity will. Jennifer Garner is this kind of a fan of this cake that she produced it on her Instagram cooking show and endorses it as her family’s go-to chocolate sheet cake recipe.

Obviously, I required to know the reality (despite the fact that genuinely I’ll uncover any excuse to bake some thing chocolatey). So I took to the kitchen to see if Ree’s beloved cake truly held up to its claim.

How to Make Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake

This genuinely is 1 of the best chocolate cakes all around. You mix flour, sugar, and salt in one bowl and buttermilk, baking soda, vanilla, and eggs in an additional. Then, you melt butter in a saucepan and stir in the cocoa powder. While it’s melting, you carry a cup of water to a boil, which you then stir into the melted chocolate. This assists bloom the cocoa powder (or release all of its taste).

Then you stir the chocolate mixture into the dry substances, followed by the moist substances to produce a batter. Ultimately you pour the batter into an ungreased rimmed baking sheet or jelly roll pan.

Even though the cake bakes (for just twenty minutes, since it’s so thin!), you melt more butter in a saucepan and then stir in cocoa powder, milk, powdered sugar, vanilla, and chopped pecans. Then, immediately after the cake comes out of the oven, pour the warm icing in excess of prime. You’ll let the cake rest for about twenty to 30 minutes to let it company up, generating it less complicated to slice.

What I Considered of the Results

To be sincere, I felt like I was committing some type of crime when I poured the hot icing more than the hot cake. My entire daily life I’d been informed to wait till the cake is fully great before going anyplace close to it with frosting.

But to be trustworthy, breaking the guidelines here is type of … brilliant. Given that the cake is so thin, it soaks up some of the icing and gets nearly fudge-like once amazing. The icing on top transforms into a doughnut-like sugary shell when it’s set up — if you press a finger gently into it, the surface will crackle a minor and give way to the soft icing beneath.

Overall, I loved how rapidly and effortless this cake was. Given that it serves quite the crowd — you’ll get 24 servings here — it’s a fantastic choice if you forgot to bake anything for your office potluck or the college bake sale at the eleventh hour.

Taste-wise, nonetheless, it wasn’t for me. I like my chocolate desserts to be deep and dark, and although this was complete of chocolate taste, I felt the sugary icing overwhelmed every single bite — and that’s coming from an individual who’s totally pro-frosting. The cake is about 50% icing, 50% real cake, and even the cake soaks up some of the icing. So what you’re receiving here is primarily frosting, with a small bit of cake.

If You Make Pioneer Woman’s Chocolate Sheet Cake …

Considering that Ree’s recipe simply calls for “butter,” there’s a bit of confusion in the comments part with regards to which type to use. Numerous commenters are assured it should be unsalted, as that’s a lot more normal in baking, but if you study Ree’s real blog post, she states it need to be salted. This helps make sense to me, offered the considerable quantity of sugar in the recipe and that the volume of salt in the cake batter is on the lower finish — just 1/4 teaspoon for a giant cake. I guarantee you that if you use salted butter, the cake will not taste salty! It balances the sugar and enhances the total taste.

To add to the confusion, the icing recipe calls for an whole pound of powdered sugar, but in Ree’s website submit she says she makes use of about 1/2 cup less than a pound (roughly 3 cups). If you’d like to tone down the sweetness, you can more decrease the amount of sugar. I’d commence with one one/2 cups, taste the icing, and add a lot more until you reach your sought after sweetness.

All round Rating: 6 out of ten

Even though I liked the clever icing approach, this rapid cake was just also sweet and icing-laden for me to actually love it.

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